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Divided into three distinct categories; “Self Image Wellbeing, Physical Health, and Personal Appearance”, this contemporary and groundbreaking approach to restoring and enhancing your charm is Signature to Belallure.

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Our Beauty Doctors are devoted to personally explain to you the most appropriate aesthetic and reconstructive techniques, to achieve a natural look that is in harmony with your features and appearance.

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Vera M. :
Was a great experience working with Belallure, I have had the best treatment ever and would highly recommend to anyone seeking professional beauty treatments to visit Belallure

Can varicose veins and CVI be prevented?:

Can varicose veins and CVI be prevented?

For mild forms of venous disease, lifestyle changes may be recommended to control existing symptoms and prevent others. The following measures may help control varicose veins and CVI:

·         Manage blood pressure and body weight
·         Exercise regularly, focusing on exercises that work your legs (run or walk)
·         Elevate your legs whenever possible
·         Avoid prolonged standing or sitting
·         Wear compression stockings while at work
·         Avoid clothes that are tight around the waist, thighs or legs
·         Strengthen calf muscles and avoid shoes that limit use of calf muscles (i.e., high heels)
·         Eat a diet low in salt and rich in high-fiber foods

                                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Joseph Naoum
                                                                                                                                                                     Belallure Vascular Surgeon